Frequently Infrequently Asked Questions


Are you a natural redhead?
Yes, and I have the temper and sunscreen collection to prove it.

How tall are you? 

What's your day job?
I work for a website related to the veterinary field. I'm the employee that makes sure the office is overly decked out in holiday-themed decor.


How do you style your curls?
I have a tutorial here. Basically I scrunch, twist, and blow it dry with a diffuser.

What makeup do you use so your freckles still show through?
Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer. Here is a complete list of my makeup essentials.

How often do you go thrifting?
Depending on my schedule and budget, I usually go once a week. I try to go during the middle of the week as thrift stores are the least crowded and you're more likely to strike gold.

What thrifting tips do you have?
Here are my top thrifting tips. Basically, go often and don't get discouraged if you don't find something.

Do you have to alter most of your thrifted finds? 
I try to avoid items that I know I'll need to alter because they will just end up in a pile (on my mom's sewing desk). The most frequent alteration I make is bringing up the hem on skirts and dresses.


Who takes your photos?
I take all of my own photos for the blog.

What kind of equipment do you use?
A Canon Digital Rebel XSi, standard 18-55mm lens, a cheap Dynex tripod, and a trusty Canon remote.

Where do you hide your remote when you take photos?
Behind my purse, tucked into a pocket, or shoved into my hair if it's up. Curly hair doubles as storage space.

What photo editing tools do you use?
Gimp and Picmonkey.

Where do you take your photos? 
Honestly, wherever the least amount of people are. Behind buildings, in uncrowded parks, and near dumpsters which automatically make me look better.

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