Fake Fungus


 Remember the terrarium I made? Well, one of my favorite parts of having one has been switching out the decorative items inside, and I'm always on the hunt for miniature animal figurines.

I decided to make some cute mushrooms to change things up, and I arranged them in a cluster to mimic how they grow in real life. You can paint these however you'd like, and make them as large or small as your terrarium will allow.

IMG_0298 PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage_2

1. Mold your clay to desired stalk size/shape (the 'stipe' if you want to get nerdy).
2. Mold your mushroom cap to desired size/shape.
3. Attach the cap to the stalk and meld the clay together at the base where they join.
4. Poke a piece of wire through the bottom of the stalk (you will use this to stick in the dirt).
5. Bake according to packaging.
6. Once cooled, paint however you'd like.



A new mini-terrarium I made in a thrifted jar!

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Rachelle said...

that is so cool and so pretty.


two birds said...

SO cute! I love this idea. I need more terrariums in my life.

Babes in Thriftland said...

Love this! You are so damn creative.

Katie said...

that is SOOO cool! I want some little mushrooms! :)

Daily Jenn said...

So cute!!! You are so crafty and creative. Have a lovely weekend :)

Kelsey Wilburn said...

this is adorable!

kw ladies in navy

Laura said...

Lol, so cute! As a kid I found these little clay mushrooms my sister must have made. They had pipe cleaners in them instead of the wire. I put them on our Christmas tree that year and that made them official Christmas decorations ever since.

Rachel said...

This is so cute- you have the best DIYS every week!

Hems for Her, a.k.a. Katie said...

Can I tell you that I am always amazed at the things you make. Seriously, I would have assumed you just bought the mushrooms. Not that you handmade them. I guess that shows how lazy and uncreative I am!

Beth Kondrick said...

Aww, they are so cute! They really stand out against your greenery!

Ginny.mossman@doane.edu said...

So cute! I used to sculpt with Fimo dough growing up, I'd make beads, animals, etc. it was so much fun. I love how you used this clay to make these cute mushrooms.

Sharon said...

This is too cute! I wish I was as crafty and creative as you!

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Nnenna said...

Oh, this is so cute- you did just a good job!

Sara Strauss said...

So cute! Mushrooms always remind me of Alice in Wonderland! lol

Julia said...

How cute... :)

Julia @ www.livingoninspiration.com

LGreaves said...

Ahahaha! I love it! Such a cute little fungus ;)

Trendy Teal

Rosely Carrasco said...

They look so cute.

Kim A. said...

Megan, that is so cute! I love the little mushrooms. You have an awesome weekend my friend.


Maiken M said...

well, that's just perfect, dear Megan. my favourite posts from you are definitely the DIY ones and I still believe that one day I can open your blog and actually try something! let's hope, hehe.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

MAHL Twirl said...

This is adorable and sooo easy to do!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

This is super cute! You have the best DIY's!

Corinne C said...

You and your cute DIY posts! This shrooms are lovely =)

Hope you are having a fab weekend!

Corinne x

MerelyMarie said...

Cute! Reminds me of Super Mario Bros.

tia_cherie said...

You always impress me


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